Easily mail and manage bunches of beautifully handwritten cards.
Your dashboard for easily creating and managing happy moments.
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 Strengthen relationships with your community by making memorable moments that last:
Schedule Birthday Cards
Set birthday cards for your customers, employees, colleagues, and friends. Schedule up to a year in advance.
Welcome New People
Add new customers to your list and welcome them with a heartfelt handwritten note.
Announce Big Moments
Let people know about launches, new features, and events and why they will love them.
Applaud Milestones
Congratulate and thank people when they hit important marks like yearly check ins, sales goals, and life events.
Send Holiday Cards
Be there to celebrate big traditions for any holiday your community cares for.
Simply Say Hi
Letting people know you're thinking about them goes a long way to solidify relationships.
Made our customers feel very special
“We have had multiple recipients say, "It's so nice I could never throw it away" or "I keep it on my desk" or they take pictures of the card and post it on social media and tag us.”
- Sharegrid
Great for employee appreciation
“The group loves it. People send me thank you emails for feeling acknowledged. It shows that as a group we appreciate them as people more than just employees.”
- Genentech
Improved relations with low effort
“It has allowed us to easily improve client relationships during peak seasons when we wouldn't have time to send out this sort of thing ourselves.”
- MyBizGeek
Punkpost Projects empowers people in amazingly personable organizations.

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