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Frequent Questions

Are Punkpost cards written by hand?

Yes, every card is handwritten by a real, living, breathing human being. Pretty nifty, right? Meet some of our handwriting artists and see their work here, here and here.

Can I pick my font?

We don’t do fonts – we do styles. Why? Because every card is penned by a real-life person, not computers or robots. BUT! It’s your message and we want it to best represent you! That’s why we offer 5 different handwriting styles: sweet, fun, simple, formal and elegant. 

Sweet We give you fun handwriting and doodles to match your words. 

Fun We make your words come to life with playful lettering and colors.

Simple We keep your message clear and is perfect for any occasion.

Elegant We turn your words into lovely calligraphy-styled lettering. 

Formal We dress to impress with cursive that’s perfect for professional occasions and thank yous.

Can I make any special requests?

Sure! If you have any special requests, please leave them in the requests box while ordering or by clicking the speech bubble on scheduled cards in your Outbox. These requests might include using the recipient's fave color, drawing lots of cuddly cats, or leaving off the return address so the sender remains anonymous. This is also the place to request a specific handwriting artist. We’ll do our best to accommodate any and all of your requests.

Can I request a specific Punkpost handwriting artist?

Absolutely! Just note this in the request box, but keep in mind that your fave handwriting artist may not be available that day for a number of reasons. If they are not, we will assign your order to another handwriting artist to ensure your card arrives on time. We love that you love our artists and will accommodate requests when we can.

Can I get a referral code?

Sorry! We don’t have a referral system, but thanks for wanting to share and support Punkpost!

How much does Punkpost cost?

The app is  available for iOS and web users (woot!). From there on out, it’s $6-10.50 per order. That includes the card, your 270-character message, the stamp, the envelope, the handwriting (inside the card and on the envelope) and delivery to the artist’s nearest USPS. A $1.55 fee is added to cards headed outside of the US.

The snail mail fun doesn’t have to stop there! You can write longer notes (up to 400 characters) for additional $1, request a specific doodle for $3.50, send up to 6 high-quality photo prints for $1.50 a photo, surprise the recipient with confetti for another $1.

How can I become a handwriting artist?

We are always looking for people to join the club! If you love to letter and send mail, you’ll love being a handwriting aritst. Click here for more information and to begin your application process.

Is Punkpost available on Desktop?

Yes! Head over to to send cards.

Where can I see cards I’ve ordered?

Head to your outbox in the app, where you’ll find your drafted, scheduled, and sent cards. From there, you’ll be able to complete orders you’ve started, make edits to scheduled cards and see sent cards. Once your card has been sent, you can rate the artist’s work, leave them a personal note about their work, or share the images on social media. We love seeing shared artwork, so definitely tag Punkpost and use #SentWithPunkpost.

Love your card? Let the artist know.

In your Punkpost outbox, you can let the artist know what you think of their work by giving them a rating on a scale of 1 to 5 stars (with a 5 being awesome) and rate them on other letter writing skills. The writer will see the stars they receive, as well as any personal notes you leave. Your feedback — good or bad — is greatly appreciated.

I’m a business. Can I use your service?

Yes! Head to Punkpost projects!

Order Assistance

My card hasn’t arrived yet. Sad face.

We use regular United States Postal Service, so your card doesn’t have a tracking number or way for us to hunt it down. Give your card 7 days to arrive to its destination, keeping in mind that mail isn’t going anywhere on Sunday. So, before you fret, 

1. Check that it is headed to the right address.

2. Verify that it has been at least 7 standard business days or 2-3 weeks for international mail.

3. Consider local holidays or weather. If it’s the busiest day of the holiday season or hurricane conditions, USPS can get bogged down.

If your card still hasn’t arrived, please let us know within three weeks for domestic mail and within two months for international for us to investigate what might have happened. You can alert us via the outbox in the app by tapping the three dots in the top-right corner of that card or emailing

How do I know my card has been sent?

As soon as your handwriting artist uploads images of your finished card, you’ll get an email notification. Hop over to the app, tap on the outbox and see pretty pictures of your about-to-be-sent snail mail.

How do I add addresses?

When you order a card, it will prompt you to fill in an address. That’s the time to type out their name, address, city, state, country and ZIP code. If you just want to stock up on addresses, but aren’t quite ready to send a card yet, tap the contact section and either enter a new contact or import contacts straight from your phone. Handy, right?

Help! I already ordered a card, but need to change something. Can I do that?

Phew, you’ve come to the right place. Yes! iPhone users, you can edit some parts of your card, including the message, handwriting style, delivery date, recipient’s address, sender’s address and requests. Head over to your outbox in the app to make your changes. If you want to pick a different card, change/add/remove photos, or add/remove confetti, please contact us here

Can I schedule my card to be delivered at a future date?

Consider it done. When you order your card, select your delivery date. It could be one month from now or one year from now. Either way, we’ll deliver your card when the time is right, and you don’t have to do a thing. Order your cards now, and you’ll never forget another birthday or holiday again.

Can I change my card delivery date?

iPhone users, you can edit the card from your outbox in the app. First, find the card you want to change, and then, tap the three dots in the top-right corner and edit your card. 

Can I include gift cards or money?

You sure can! You'll find the gift certificate option during the card ordering process. From there, you can add a certificate for $5 to $250 to your card. The handwriting artist will then write the amount, gift suggestion and redemption code on a certificate, and slip it into the handwritten card. For more gift certificate info, visit

How do I redeem my gift certificate? 

Grab your gift certificate, and visit There, you'll type in your redemption code and pick the gift card of your choosing. If you run into any issues or have questions, contact us here.

How can I deliver the card myself? 

Use our hand delivery option. You'll find this option under the "At" section at the end of the ordering process. When you pick hand delivery, we will send the card you ordered directly to you inside of a larger envelope. This option is great for parties, weddings and in-person surprises.

How can I send a photo with my card? 

After you type your message, you'll have the option to add photos. You can add up to 6 images directly from your phone or computer. We then print the image out as a 4x4” print and include it inside your card.

Can I crop my photos? 

Once you upload a photo, a small image of it will appear alongside your card while ordering. Tap on the card to move, zoom and crop as you'd like. If you run into any issues or have questions, contact us here.

International Users

What languages do you write in?

Yes! We script — to the best of our abilities — anything you give us, including emoji. We've sent cards in everything from Thai to Hebrew. If it's a language we're not proficient in and you're not satisfied with the lettering, get in touch and we'll do everything that we can to make it right.

What countries can I send cards to?

You can send Punkposts to any country with a functioning postal system for an additional $1.50 a card. We've sent to over 70 countries with very few problems. You can also send cards to US military bases around the world, for the same rate.

How long will it take for my card to get to a specific country?

When sending abroad, we rely on many postal systems, and they're all different in terms of efficiency. Many times, it can take 2-3 weeks for an international card to arrive. The more cards you send around the world, the more insight we'll have. So let us know your experience, and we'll update the map.

Can I track my card?

It is not possible for us to track cards after they have been dropped in the mailbox. If your card hasn't arrived within the expected time frame, check that the address was correct and get in touch with us.

About Our Cards

Who designs the cards?

All of our cards are created by a community of artists and designers and are exclusive to Punkpost. Check out our blog to learn about some of our most recent card designers. Let's just say they've worked for the likes of IDEO, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Vanity Fair and GQ. Yes, we're name dropping for them.

Do you take card idea requests?

Yup. Some of our most popular card designs have been requests from our customers. We won't create every request submitted, but we do follow through with plenty of them, and we do love reading all the wild ideas. So send them our way by contacting us here. (If you’re actually interested in handwriting cards for us, not submitting a card design, click here for more information and to begin your application process.)

What kind of paper do you use?

We use 14PT uncoated paper for our cards and 70-pound, white envelopes.

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