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The Basics
About Punkpost
With Punkpost, beautifully handwritten cards are mailed by artists for you. Whether you're on your phone or laptop, you have access to our community of handwriting artists who will help you send a card as quick as a text. Each card is uniquely handwritten to bring maximum delight to both the sender and the recipient.

Punkpost is powered by more than 50 handwriting artists across the United States. Never fonts or robots. Only you and your handwriting artist creating a custom work of art with each card. Consider our apps your dashboard for easily creating and managing happy moments. Sending a card starts at $5, which includes an exclusive-to-Punkpost card, the handwriting, and postal service. Orders are created within 24 hours of being received or can be scheduled up to a year in advance. 
Our Community of Handwriting Artists
Our talented community of handwriting artists the backbone of Punkpost. It is what makes Punkpost, what gives your message a huge impression, and what makes your words come to life. Every message submitted receives lots of thought and care before the writing process even begins. The handwriting artist's goal is to create a card that the receipient will keep for years to come and hang on their fridge or put next to their desk. It's hard to describe the feeling of magic they bring until you see the outcome in your outbox.

Punkpost handwriting artists are people with exceptional pen and marker talents who want to make you look good and help your spread encouragement through snail mail. Their backgrounds range from students and stay at home parents, to designers and teachers. They reside throughout the United States and Canada. They tend to be postage stamp lovers and tend to become close acquaintances of the postal team of their area. Each artist writes from the comfort of their own home and is happy to share their skills with you.
The Apps
Punkpost for iOS
Our iOS App is our mothership. It's where you'll find us testing and releasing our latest ideas and upgrads. It's available for iPhones and iPads.
Punkpost Projects
Punkpost Projects is the easiest way to send batches of personalized handwritten cards from your laptop. With Punkpost Projects, you can send 100s of cards in the amount of time it would take you to write one. Like with the Punkpost apps, Punkpost Projects gives you access to our talented community of artists and is at its best when you have many cards to send, weather that's scheduling out work anniversaries and birthdays for your team, thanking clients or sending holiday hellos. If you're sending one or two cards at a time, the Punkpost app is still the place to go. For bigger sends, Punkpost Projects is what you want.
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